ZAKO is a digital fortress that helps you lead & operate businesses securely.

Store & share Contacts, relationship information & other business assets in a digital environment that you control. ZAKO is the only mobile business app designed to give users complete data autonomy.

Starting businesses is a timeless activity. The tools you use everyday to do business should also be timeless in their design & operation, free from outside interference, service interruptions & forced alterations or updates.

  • Simple & friendly software that makes work life easy.

Unlike Salesforce and other "Customer Relationship Management" tools, ZAKO doesn’t require an account or desktop computer to set it up and use it to the max.

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We're putting the powers of big business directly in the hands of people who work on their own or lead small teams.

Starting with Tradesmen, but why?

Blue collar leaders have to manage their businesses while being on the road, on-site and on the go. Non-stop with no laptop!

Our founder worked many years in labour roles and saw first-hand the struggles that Trades leaders face. He also saw the simple methods this group of business people uses to effectively manage all of their relationships, despite common struggles.

It became clear that the preference within the Trades for basic digital tools held the key to doing this differently.

ZAKO takes what's already working well and builds on top of it, to create a new kind of "Address Book with superpowers".

A better Address Book.



Your new superpowers.



Starting with Tradesmen.